17 April, 2010

Seoul, South Korea.

I had an amazing time with my little sister in In-sa dong last summer, and I just had to post it..
It's on the center of the Seoul city, so it's a little crowded but losts to see and eat!
Seoul is a beautiful city..if someone's looking my blog, you should really come and check it out.
As a citizen of Seoul(I moved to a place outside of city recently, actually.), I recommand try all the restanrants in this area, because it's that good! Most of them are for tourists so it's not spicy. So no worries there. If you take a bus to Myung-dong, it's like heaven for those of you who loves to shop. (I know you do.)

Anyways, I always wanted to get out of this city and live abroad and i did for few years, but i'm discovering true beauty of Seoul these days. If you can really visit, ditch the tour guide and drop the tour book, and just experience every streets of this city. You don't know what you'll find and you're not gonna regret it.   

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