29 April, 2010

That eyebrow

Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist made a comment about the strong eyebrow.
I don't think I can pull that off but I want to try and see what happens.
Now..all i have to do is get hair implant on my eyebrow..

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Zadig et Voltaire

I love Zadig & Voltaire..It truly shows the true meaning of french chic
and yet..It has Rock'n Roll feels to it!
I'm not much of a fashionista, and have no knowledge about styling,
but if you love this brand, I suggest buy them ALL or NOT buy them..
because it's really the styling that shines the product..
you may not look like these models with just one item such as a lose cardigan.
As i said, i'm not a stylist or something remotely like that, but that's how feel about this brand.
I wish i can have them all in my closet..really.


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Kirstin looking fresh at The 9th Tribeca Film Festival "Between the lines" premire.

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26 April, 2010

Christian Louboutin F/W 2010

Inspired by Alice in Woderland? I don't think i've ever seen shoes ads like this..
I love it because it's different.

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Ute Ploier Men's F/W 09

Am i the only one who think this collection was amazing?
I couldn't find much information about the designer, but this collection, to me, it's pretty amazing!
I love it cause it's clean, simple, classic, and pure in a way, but it has some attitude..like that boxy coat or boxing glove and hat. And the colors are calm and orderly placed.

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24 April, 2010

Vogue Russia May 2010

Inspired by Russian stage actors? or Russian ballet?
I'm not sure..but it surely makes me wanna go to Russia..
I love it because it's bold, strange, eccentric and creative all at the same time.
Most of all, the hair pieces are so beautiful!!!! except that comb....hmm.

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20 April, 2010


Kate @ Coachella

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17 April, 2010

Seoul, South Korea.

I had an amazing time with my little sister in In-sa dong last summer, and I just had to post it..
It's on the center of the Seoul city, so it's a little crowded but losts to see and eat!
Seoul is a beautiful city..if someone's looking my blog, you should really come and check it out.
As a citizen of Seoul(I moved to a place outside of city recently, actually.), I recommand try all the restanrants in this area, because it's that good! Most of them are for tourists so it's not spicy. So no worries there. If you take a bus to Myung-dong, it's like heaven for those of you who loves to shop. (I know you do.)

Anyways, I always wanted to get out of this city and live abroad and i did for few years, but i'm discovering true beauty of Seoul these days. If you can really visit, ditch the tour guide and drop the tour book, and just experience every streets of this city. You don't know what you'll find and you're not gonna regret it.   

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